Who is scott sartiano dating

And, unlike many other entrepreneurs, he doesn’t seek the limelight: “I’m sort of a shy guy by nature,” Sartiano notes.

“And I don’t want to be labeled ‘the nightlife guy.’ Labeling limits you.

“One of my friends calls me an ‘ambienteur,’ and I think that’s true.

Plus, what I’m best at is putting a great team together. The keys to business are marketing and delegating — you need to know how to hire the right people.” And hire the right people he has: For example, the chef at Butter, Alex Guarneschelli ’92 Barnard, hails from Daniel Boulud’s restaurant, Daniel.

“I never went into a nightclub before I was paid to be in one,” he says.

“I create an environment that is better than people’s houses, whether through music, a scene, or food and drink,” he explains.Scott Sartiano ’97 thought he’d end up as a politician.But rather than pursuing a law degree and entering the world of tailored navy blue suits and The White House, Sartiano found himself surrounded with bodysuits and house music.The yogurt comes with toppings such as dragon fruit, chia, and coconut flakes or as a smoothie bowl.It’s a stark change in direction for this team, which is primarily made up of men who have spent a lot of time culling celebrity-favored nightclubs and restaurants.

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