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It’s not that SK netizens don’t accept that there are valid physical reasons to earn an exemption, they are just very skeptical and one can’t blame them with plenty of case studies in the last two decades of famous male stars getting caught with manufactured exemption health reasons.For Seo In Guk, he’s being questioned as to whether he neglected to treat his osteochondritis condition of joint inflammation, which he has known about, so that he could use it to get exempt.This month SK netizens are doubly annoyed at two actors who have recently been confirmed to be exempt from service, the first being Yoo Ah In and now comes Seo In Guk.

Eric is so gentle towards Hyun Jin and Hyun Jin also respect Eric a lot. *bow* I loved this drama so much that I repeated it 4 times, it was such an amazing drama , but I would have liked it if the end had been developed a little bit more , they endured so mush problems and they went trough so music difficulties that a more developed end would have been better . "Ordinary" Oh Hae Young IS frustrating, but then... When their eyes twinkle, when she's being cute and flirty, when they tease, and... I quite possibly had drool coming out of my slightly gaping-wide-open mouth as it turned from a whoaaaa expression to a gigantic smile. this over the top crazy noona role has to be the best of all her comedic wonders (she is fantastically funny no matter the show)!

I think the reason why the doctor was also trying to save the singer lee byung joon is because when Eric was dying in that scene he saw the news where the singer also passed away that day. ---------- SPOILER ALERT ---------- OHMYGOODNESS THE ENDING AT THE WEDDING WAS SO CUTE! I know this is an unpopular opinion but overall I found her character so unlikeable and almost annoying which made it tiring to watch. I am not through yet, but I really wonder why Do-Kyung doesn't try to change his visions but instead always try to make them possible (I know it's not conscious 'trying'). Also I think all characters have some serious problems with the logic in their behaviour in certain scenes. On the other hand, Eric really knows how to lead his co-star and gave her comfortable 'place' to work. I've been re-watching my favorite scenes and I just couldn't get enough of the main couple's amazing chemistry!

So the doctor probably thought that if he was able to somehow save the singer then Eric wouldn't die either because that would mean the future is changed. unfortunately, pretty OHY and HTJ is not there;;;; btw, ERIC WAS SO HANDSOME WITHOUT THE BANGS ON HIS FOREHEAD i knew i had to wait until he get married with the lead OHY!!! anotjer lovely part is relationship between mom and daughter. I do understand why adult Oh Hae Young is this way due to her past but most of the time she was just too immature (blaming others for her bad luck) and overreacting to everything. Only the first 2 episodes were a drag but when you get past those, daebak! But that is common in korean series ;)) Anyway I am curious how it will end. I really do wish that they would reunite again in a drama. But, they denied it already so ship not sailing and it makes me sad. Watching all episodes interviews behind the scenes and I bet Seo Hyun Jin already fall for Eric Mun.

Turns out it was the best 3 hours (3 episodes) in the boring flight although no English subtitles. So, I give applause this two actor for their efforts to create such a wonderful chemistry.

Great script with great director who delivers it brilliantly and off course Amazing chemistry between the leads. aja aja fighting :) Really wanted to like this series but eventually had to drop it because I couldn't stand the main female character/main actress. Besides this series has some major flaws it is definitely entertaining and let you want to watch the next episodes without taking a break. The way Seo Hyun Jin threw a lot of kisses to him, the way she touched his neck, or the way she 'eat and suck' his lips show us how the girl really enjoying those skinship with one of the fine man in Korea.

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