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When that couple finds a distressed, lonely child wandering around in the woods, it’s a ), and the dearly departed Anton Yelchin star in this movie about a pair of teenage girls who, in the process of rebuilding their estranged friendship, discover an affinity for killing.

Being a teenager can be a horror show on its own, and being a teenage girl entangled in toxic friendship with teenage girl is truly one of society’s great natural terrors.

Ruth teams up with her strange neighbor (Elijah Wood) to crack the case, with the pair eventually becoming embroiled in a sordid criminal adventure.

The movie’s Sundance page describes it as a “blood-soaked foray into a twisted moral universe,” and with these two actors onboard it will surely provide the quirkiest of indie thrills.

Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Demián Bichir, Jussie Smollett, James Franco, Guy Pearce, and Noomi Rapace star in this brutal-looking return to form from science fiction icon Ridley Scott.

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Logan (March 3)Yes, as in the Marvel Logan, the adamantium-infused superhero played by Hugh Jackman.

It’s almost fitting that in a year as wretched as 2016, the most consistently interesting, entertaining, and satisfying genre of cinema was horror.

The year’s best scary movies provided an opportunity to work through collective fears, escape from the bleakness of the real world, and channel a national climate of fear and distrust.

It’s an eminently modern take on a classic kind of tale, and writer/director Ducournau is at the start of a special career.

sounds like the plot of a supernatural thriller: A young woman is overwhelmed by a mysterious spirit when she tries to communicate with the ghost of her dead brother.

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