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Victims are directed by the criminals to obtain these background checks via an official looking website containing stolen logos from government authorities and official brokers.

In most cases the victim will be requested to pay approximately 0 – 0 to obtain a certificate which claims to issued by local authorities.

Later, victims received text messages, either containing their names, asking if it was them or containing a statement that indicated their names were posted on a particular website.

The victims were provided a link to a page on the website that claimed they were a “cheater.” Photos of the victims and their telephone numbers were also posted.

For that we'll Django's sessions and thus first we'll need to migrate our database.

To do so, open the # from channels import Group from channels.sessions import channel_session @channel_session def ws_add(message, room): Group('chat-%s' % room).add(message.reply_channel) message.channel_session['room'] = room @channel_session def ws_echo(message): room = message.channel_session['room'] Group('chat-%s' % room).send() Up until now everything is nice and fun.

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Open your browser's console and type in the following Java Script code: // Create a new Web Socket ws = new Web Socket((window.location.protocol == 'http') ?

All you have to do is install some libraries and they will make all the hard work for you. This will give the following goodies out of the box: As a first example, let's create a simple Web Socket endpoint that will reply the same message we send to it.

We will need a new Django app - which we'll name "chat" so that we can use it later on.

'ws://' : 'wss://' window.'/') // Make it show an alert when a message is received ws.onmessage = function(message) // Send a new message when the Web Socket opens ws.onopen = function() Hooray! That's a nice first step, but we're talking real-time chats here so let's move on to more advanced usage of sockets.

If you have any issues, you can always fast-forward to a working copy by typing Now that we have our simple echo server ready, the next big step is to create a group chat.

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