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All up, it will contribute between billion and b to the recovery. Insurance has been the abiding story of Christchurch's earthquake recovery.(NATA is the Australian equivalent of the New Zealand IANZ accreditation system).The accredited tests will vary between individual laboratories but may include all or portions of the services above.We also provide specialist consultancy services and materials testing and analysis for engineering construction materials.

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Back in 2013 what we knew was we had slightly less than 22,000 overcap claims.Rates depend on the season, length of booking, availability, location and how well we can negotiate a deal with the supplier.We request our customers to get a quote then we can negotiate a deal on your behalf.Over that time we have provided experimental research and testing that assisted the design and construction of major national infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric power schemes, state highways, airports, railways and marine ports.Our network of eleven IANZ (International Accreditation of New Zealand) laboratories provide accredited test reports, specialist independent consulting services, materials testing and analysis for engineering construction materials using a multi-disciplinary team of highly trained technicians and technical specialists.

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