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I’ve also been charged by Zimaotong Beijing £63.32 plus £1.74 exchange fee!

Never ordered any goods or ever visited any website connected with this. The company showed up on my credit card as FHT*TERRYKON CO SHENZHEN CH.

Contact me at [email protected] Re anne 's post Zimaotong I received a £63.00 bill from them on my credit card I don't have facebook and have never knowingly been on their website !! I also have another charge for a supermarket call B-Z shop store.

credit card company refunded and cancelled my card. I have cancel my card but people still trying to use it.

I've had recurring charges showing up for about 4 months now to ULTIMATEGEAR 18665994303 AND haven't been able to get an explanation for what this is. I called it and apparently a product that I ordered several months from GROUPON had an automatic monthly subscription that I was not aware of.....a Teeth Whitening Kit.

Luckily I was able to cancel but no luck getting previous payments reimbursed.

About a month later I received 3 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from this place in China which I did not order. Maybe someone in the India company is dealing in fraud with a store in China?

There was nothing about China indicated on my order so I thought I would have received it before Christmas.

The information above is from my credit card statement. The confirmation email just said it was from [email protected] That's vague! I´m going to wait for a few days and then I will accept the charge or not.

I ordered products from Reliable Rx in India and I get a phony charge from the above company Tech Solutions.

I want to k ow who this merchant is because i got charge 57.00 gir them and an other 1.67 for finacal charges on my card no phone number or address to contact them Please let me k ow as soon as possable.

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