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The grease had a cooling effect as it melted and ran down the faces of each guest. Highly polished silver and copper mirrors aided the application of makeup.

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(ED 370) Kohl was kept in a small, flat-bottomed pot with a wide, tiny rim and a flat, disk-shaped lid.

(ED 370) To preserve hair from the effects of sun, it was treated with a moisturizing cream in the shape of a cosmetic cone.

Evidence comes from sculptures, reliefs and paintings from the New Kingdom.

Richly scented plants were fused into animal and vegetable oils for ceremonial anointings and for pleasure.

From 7,000 to 4,000 BC, the fatty oils of olive and sesame were combined with fragrant plants to create the original Neolithic ointments.

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    Then I grimaced — 36 and single and I still hadn’t found “the one.” Like many modern women, I didn’t subscribe to the sexist idea that my worth as a 30-something woman comes from my relationship status.

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    But we can be a little nicer about it, not publicly put down men (or people in general) for something they can’t control, and maybe even have some tact, grace, and civility — something no amount of publicity will ever be able to give Lily May Mac.

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    Back at the precinct, Hailey says the victim is a Jane Doe, no prints in the system and she had a fake driver’s license; the serial numbers were wiped off the gun and the only prints on the gun matched Graynor’s.

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    Some organizations require all volunteers to be trained and certified in crisis intervention, while others do not.