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‘Tis the season to run away from zombies — or date them.

If you keep an open mind, you might discover that a zombie is who you’ve been looking for all along. Date at your own risk.) 13 reasons to date a zombie: 1. If you’re prepping for a first date this Halloween, keep in mind the dating wisdom offered by these classic horror movies.

This can be avoided by trying something new, like- eating out on a new restaurant, planning some new excitements with your partner etc.

You can also plan for a holiday to an unlikely location. One good way to spend more time together is by finding activities which you both can enjoy.

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Drunk characters end up playing the fools and victims in horror… Your ability to stay aligned with your goal of a healthy relationship is bound to be put to the test as you navigate the highs and lows of dating.Find hobbies and sports which you both can play and enjoy, like- go for jogging together, do gardening, pottery etc.It may be impossible to avoid arguing in relationships but you can prevent it from going ugly.I brought up the marriage topic 2 months ago in the way you described it. 1 week ago he asked me the question „Wanna marry me?!In this busy world it is increasingly becoming difficult to maintain a good relationship with your partner or spouse.

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