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Similarly, these exercises work on chronic neck pain, especially with the inclusion of iyengar yoga, which provides relief from neck spasms.

Increased lung capacity and functionality The breathing exercises encouraged by some of the yoga poses are good in enhancing the elasticity and capacity of the lungs.

Lung capacity is one of the essential indices of lung functioning because the breathing postures and practices progressively push for increased chest wall expansion and this sustains the exercises for an extended duration.

Consistency with regard to these exercises results into a gradual increase in capacity and consequential prevention of chronic infections such as bronchial asthma.

Your body cells then get activated and this causes your rate of metabolism to increase so as to compensate for the rapid burning of calories when running.

Nonetheless, running causes the fat stored in your body to be converted to energy hence leading to weight loss. Squats This exercise will help you lose 10 pounds just in one month.

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Workouts such as the boat pose and side plank stretch most of the core muscles, which improves strength and resilience.Right from increasing lung functionality to strengthening bones and relieving various forms of chronic pain, perhaps it is time you considered yoga as an all-inclusive exercise.Continue Reading Engaging in exercises is one of the best ways to lose weight because the exercises have no side effects on your health.Enhanced bone strength A good number of the postures that define yoga are weight-bearing in nature and this feature alone is enough to keep infections such as osteoporosis away by strengthening the bones.Poses such as the upward and downward facing dog have been designed to specifically strengthen the bones in your knees and arms.

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