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I probably have very little to add to this that hasn't been said already, but.. And, when dating sites don't use fake info, they tend to stink.Take e Harmony (haven't seen anyone complain about it yet). Oh, and one other thing, As for sites that are only free to women, aren't there other issues to face?I figured that would get rid of some of the incidents that I considered a problem (I know. When I complained about the tactics of their client's web site, I certainly did not leave out the fact that if proven true, they would be an accessory to wire fraud, and thus also criminally as well as civilly liable.Similarly, the hosting provider could likewise be liable.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

Now I'm being deluged with virus and trojan infected messages.

Example: A card bearing an expiration date of "12/2005" is good on 11/30/05, but not good on 12/01/05 - because it is considered expired as of midnight on the first of the month.

I recently opted out of a service and my e-mail inbox was suddenly deluged with messages from supposedly beautiful women saying they wanted me.

It comes and it goes, and many new Start-ups tried to get in on the Act while Internet Dating was at the Pinnacle of it's Success.

I have little Doubt most knew their Scamming Days were numbered, and it was just a Matter of cashing in on the 'Feeding Frenzy' while it lasted, getting just some of the 'Table Crumbs' from the bigger Hitters in Town, such as & Yahoo.

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